Help! Exactly How USC Provides Students With the Academic Support They Need

Help! Exactly How USC Provides Students With the Academic Support They Need

Help! Exactly How USC Provides Students With the Academic Support They Need

Moving away to college can be an exciting yet process that is overwhelming. New friends, new meals, brand new living arrangement— it definitely takes some adjusting.

Perhaps the biggest ‘new’ though is your academic experience. Apart from the increased autonomy that you’ll experience, the classes themselves are more challenging (it’s college, all things considered!) And, the course sizes might vary from those you had in senior school. While the class that is average at USC is 26 with a student to faculty ratio of 9 to 1, some courses you are taking will be larger.

Any larger classes are split up into what is called ‘sections’ led by a graduate pupil, allowing students to discuss and eventually clarify any product that was taught in lecture. New material will always be taught by a USC faculty member; graduate pupils serve as a resource to greatly help students better understand the material and answer any remaining questions. Both graduate students and faculty members hold workplace hours through the week, which provide the opportunity for pupils to interact with them one-on-one and address any lingering issues they could have.

But what if you nevertheless still need additional assistance? That’s where our Center for Academic Support is available in. At USC, we wish to make certain that students have access to the support and resources they need in an effort to flourish throughout their time here. The Center for Academic Support offers students many different services, including:

-Tutoring and Learning Assistance
-Learning Enrichment Workshops (i.e. time management, note-taking, composing papers, etc.)
-Student Support Groups
-One-on-one academic support counseling

Students with disabilities whom may need additional support will also be accommodated through our Disability Services and Programs workplace. Services consist of:

-Assistance in providing readers, scribes, note-takers and interpreters
-Advocacy with faculty
-Special rooms for test-taking needs
-Auxiliary help and equipment loans
-Assistance with architectural barriers
-Information on accessible seating at USC sporting events
-Assistive technology

Additionally, USC’s Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity offers pupils with ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, and other identified learning distinctions state-of-the-art assistive technologies, too as access to academic psychologists, work-related practitioners, and other learning specialists. As USC President C.L. Max Nikias put it, ‘the USC Kortschak Center is the realization associated with Kortschak family and USC’s shared commitment to making certain every imaginative mind has the opportunity to thrive and be successful, regardless, of learning style.’

Both the Center for Academic Support and Kortschak’s Center for Learning and Creativity are further examples of how the University supports its students and fosters personal and excellence that is academic.

Come Over, Stay A Bit

At USC, we strive to provide you with tools that will give you a better understanding of exactly what it means to be a competitive applicant. You have direct access to your territory managers, we visit your high schools and we have even constructed a blog to help you navigate every thing that is USC. We have tailored our campus presentations according to your needs. We offer a few presentations to obtain more acquainted with our campus.
the presentation that is first should consider is the Meet USC program. This 3.5 hour program is it if you want the most comprehensive overview of USC. The Meet USC is held twice an every monday, wednesday and friday day. It begins having a one hour presentation by an admission representative and it offers an introduction to USC, detailed application information, plus an overview of financial aid. In the event that you’re happy, you might see me giving this presentation to your group! Shortly after, you’ll be led with a student trip guide on a 90-minute walking tour of our campus. These tour guides are also current students and they will have the ability to offer more insight on what it really is like to become a student at USC. This can be a time that is good make inquiries about housing, academics and the social life on campus. Finally, the hour that is last of program is with the scholastic unit of your choice where you may fulfill with a representative who’ll give you with extra information about that department. They’ll enter information about faculty, present research while the different educational possibilities you should have within their division.
We also offer campus trips Monday through Friday. The campus tour is really a program that is 90-minute carries a 30-minute optional admission presentation followed by a 90-minute student shmoop essaywritting led campus tour. These are structured for groups who have less flexibility with their schedule and demand a faster time period. Unlike the Meet USC, campus tours do not add a departmental conference at the finish of the program.
These programs are intended for first-year applicants. If you register for a Transfer Info Session if you are interested in transferring to USC, it will be more helpful. They are held every Tuesday at 3PM; you’ll find more detailed information regarding the transfer application procedure right here.
All of our trips are available Monday through Friday during the Ronald Tutor Campus Center. You should register beforehand to ensure your area. Additionally, class visits are not included in our prospective student visit programs; however, while you are on campus, please contact the department of your choice to make arrangements if you are interested in attending a class. If you are preparing to see campus outside of our business hours, or if you would like learn about USC at your own personal pace, there’s a self-guided tour that is available for download too. Before coming to go to, be prepared to inquire. There is plenty of resources available when you visit and that means you must be prepared to take full benefit.

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