You plan to have sex, how regularly you have sex and not necessarily how much sex you have how you best take PrEP depends on how far in advance

You plan to have sex, how regularly you have sex and not necessarily how much sex you have how you best take PrEP depends on how far in advance

You plan to have sex, how regularly you have sex and not necessarily how much sex you have how you best take PrEP depends on how far in advance

The 4 how to simply simply just take PrEP.

The manner in which you bring your PrEP is dependent on:

  • how long ahead of time you intend on making love
  • just just exactly how frequently you’ve got intercourse.

It will not fundamentally be determined by exactly exactly how much intercourse you have actually.

Switching between dosing options

We recommend day-to-day PrEP for many trans individuals making use of hormones therapy once we don’t have actually adequate data to aid other dosing options.

Switching between dosing options to fit your sexual intercourse and habits is completely okay. It is possible to adjust your PrEP regime to ideal suit you as your situation changes.

  • On need dosing (or occasion Based Dosing) and 4 pills per are methods suitable only for anal sex week.
  • Regular PrEP and getaway PrEP will be the only types of using PrEP which are suited to both anal and genital or front sex.

We understand that no less than 6 pills each week is necessary for sufficient security for genital or sex that is frontal.

Frequent PrEP (1 tablet day that is per routine

The lead-in time for day-to-day PrEP is seven days. It’s ideal for both anal and genital or sex that is frontal.

Everyday PrEP is better taken in the exact same time each time so that it becomes section of your routine, however a couple of hours later or early is okay.

You are able to maintain your PrEP next to your brush and enamel paste and take your tablet each early morning after cleaning your smile. Small things such as this can help you don’t forget to just take your PrEP.

You are able to just just take PrEP with or without meals, and also at any time.

Among the great things about using day-to-day PrEP is the fact that you can easily miss a capsule every once in awhile whilst still being have actually sufficient security.


PrEP is a ‘opt in’ therapy – it doesn’t need to be forever.

Be type to your self and try to don’t forget to just take your capsule every single day.

Your comfort of release and mind through the panic and anxiety that are included with attempting to remain HIV negative are hugely essential.

It is not merely about intercourse, it is regarding the mind along with your heart too.

On Demand PrEP or Event Based Dosing (EBD)

This dosing choice is just suited to rectal intercourse, maybe maybe not genital or front intercourse.

If you’re using On Demand it is vital not to ever miss any doses.

On need dosing can be effective as daily PrEP for rectal intercourse.

Once you know which you might have condomless intercourse 24 hours in advance:

  • simply just take 2 pills 2 – 24 hours before intercourse
  • simply just take 1 capsule the next day
  • simply just take 1 more tablet a day from then on

If you’re making love for an excessive period of the time, maybe over several days or even a week-end, continue steadily to have a capsule any a day unless you have actually 2 sex-free times.

This program just isn’t suggested for those who have a hepatitis that is active illness. The medications in PrEP additionally supress the hepatitis B virus and thus beginning and PrEP that is stopping can viral flare-ups and liver infection.

4 pills per also known as ‘the Ts and Ss’ week

This dosing option is just suited to rectal intercourse, maybe perhaps not genital or sex that is frontal.

We advice day-to-day dosing for 1 week, then dropping down seriously to 4 pills each week.

4 pills per week often involves going for a capsule on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday — that’s why it is called ‘the Ts and Ss’.

This program has benefits that are several

  • If you only have actually intercourse a few times four weeks, you do not would you like to have a tablet every single day. You could feel it’s more pills for these 1 or 2 events than you need to protect you.
  • 4 pills each week will keep an excellent standard of medication in your body and you may decide to move as much as 7 pills each week whenever you understand you’re in a far more period that is sexually active.
  • Some individuals making use of PrEP On need discover that they may be using 4 pills each week many days associated with the thirty days so choose for structuring this to the take a look at the site here Ts and Ss instead.
  • It costs you less because it decreases the amount of pills you are taking every month by nearly half — which decreases the fee each month by very nearly half too.

Though these dosing options don’t appear to follow a easy guideline, these are typically predicated on research information.

Getaway PrEP

Start thinking about getaway PrEP before a pre-planned block of the time whenever your danger of contact with HIV will undoubtedly be greater as a result of:

  • a heightened quantity of lovers of unknown HIV status
  • circumstances where condoms aren’t effortlessly or constantly utilized
  • where substances could be utilized
  • making love while visiting a nation by having a high hiv prevalence.

Getaway PrEP would work both for anal and genital or sex that is frontal.

Predicated on a period that is 7-dayor vacation) we suggest 7-7-7:

  • seven days daily dosing ahead of the duration
  • seven days daily dosing throughout the duration (or even for so long as the particular duration lasts)
  • seven days daily dosing after the duration.

We suggest 1 week of PrEP before and after your final intimate encounter for a few reasons:

  • 1 week lead-in provides adequate amounts both for anal and genital or sex that is frontal.
  • If you’re preparation PrEP around a vacation or working journey away and you also encounter any moderate negative effects (many people don’t experience any unwanted effects) then many of these needs to have subsided within per week, over time for the pre-planned block of the time.

If you’re currently using PrEP, just take our PrEP quiz # 2 to learn if you’re doing it precisely.

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