Dad With Terminal Cancer Diagnosis Claims CBD Oil And Dog Worming Tablets Have Prolonged Their Life

Dad With Terminal Cancer Diagnosis Claims CBD Oil And Dog Worming Tablets Have Prolonged Their Life

Dad With Terminal Cancer Diagnosis Claims CBD Oil And Dog Worming Tablets Have Prolonged Their Life

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A dad that is dying was handed just one year to call home has credited dog worming pills on toast combined with CBD oil once the key to their success.

Scott Davis, 40, from Torquay, Devon, was told their colon cancer ended up being terminal last September and chose to simply take matters into his or her own fingers after on offer just palliative care.

Scott in medical center following the terminal diagnosis. Credit: Caters

After doing his or her own research, Scott started dog that is taking pills called Fenbendazole with CBD oil – along with lots of other nutrients – and now claims to be fitter and healthier than he is ever been.

Scott has surpassed physicians objectives by reaching their 40th birthday and has now stabilised their cancer for half a year.

Scott claims he’s healthiest tan he is ever been. Credit: Caters

Scott, whom operates a building and upkeep company, stated: “I read online that CBD oil is very effective with fenbendozle which can be referred to as dog worming medicine to assistance with cancer tumors.

“a lot of people had raved about this and appeared to have experienced a lot of success, and so I thought I would test it out for.

“we get the fenbendozle online for ??7.50 each week and I also cope with one pack every day, it is a powder therefore I typically simply sprinkle it on my toast.”

Canine worming powder is sprinkled on toast. Credit: Caters

He continued: “It ended up being September 2018 when physicians explained my cancer tumors ended up being terminal – given that tumour was inoperable. Directly after my diagnosis, they started speaking with me personally about palliative care.

“I became entirely gobsmacked once they said I experienced roughly a 12 months to call home – i happened to be completely healthy and fit and also you would not have thought any such thing ended up being incorrect beside me.

“a couple of months prior I experienced been getting belly problems that your physician thought ended up being IBS, although not very very long when I had been curled up in agonizing pain and finished up in medical center that is if they discovered the tumour.”

Scott ended up being provided palliative chemotherapy within the hope of shrinking the tumour in which he endured half a year of this intensive therapy.

Scott’s concoction of nutrients. Credit: Caters

Nevertheless the dad-of-three knew hardly any other choices had been available and started interested in alternatives. The dad of three stated: “Straight after my diagnosis, a nursing assistant at I was told by the hospital to not ever quit and slipped me personally a leaflet in regards to the advantages of CBD oil and things.

“which is when we find out about worming tablets referred to as Fenbendazole and CBD oil, we began taking them in both might after reading online that it could assistance with terminal cancer tumors.

“I had been up for attempting anything at this time before I even started my chemo so I started to take it straight away. I understand it can not cure cancer tumors nonetheless it has extended my entire life and i know it can too help others.”

Since Scott started medicating himself their tumour has not grown in dimensions and then he now jokes which he has surpassed their ‘sell by date’.

Scott turned 40 on 25 September – 12 months and 13 times after being given per year to call home. Credit: Caters

Scott included: “there are various other individuals into the exact same situation as me who’ve been using these and discovered they have had amazing outcomes too. With the aid of my lifestyle that is healthy as, we really think i possibly could live to 75 years of age.

“I can truthfully say after switching 40 regarding the 25 September, one year and 13 days after being offered year to reside, i’ve never believed fitter, healthier and much more concentrated.”

The vitamins/supplements Scott currently assumes on a basis cannabis oil that is daily:

– 1x capsules oils (THC & CBD) 4x each day

– 1 x suppositories oils (THC) 3-4 just about every day

– 4.5 grams panacur animal wormer (999mg Fenbendazole)

– 1 x Vitamin c,d, e and b.

– 8 x drops Cell food item 4 x on a daily basis

– 1 x Turmeric capsules 2 x just about every day

– 1x milk thistle 2 x each and every day

– 1 x curcumin 2 x every day

– 1 x supplement D3 2 x each day

– 1 x mushroom complex 6. 4 x each and every day

“when it comes to advice i have gotten through the medical center, they will have fundamentally simply told us to help keep doing the thing I’m doing because it’s obvious i am getting good results from it,” stated Scott. “My objective now’s to improve as awareness that is much help as many individuals as you can while i am nevertheless here.”

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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