The Truth about A Beer Belly

The Truth about A Beer Belly

Health is one area in todays world that people have become more conscious about. It is one of the major aspects of growth, living, and lifestyle. The healthier a person is, the better. In terms of food and drinks, physical health is a critical issue. There has been continuous and ongoing researches, studies, and discussions regarding this.


Whatever a person swallows and take in to his body, it will always be exuded out in some form of energy. Oftentimes, a person’s food and drinks will determine the person’s health conditions. It doesn’t only mean the type or kind of food or drinks a person digests, but it also considers the volume and quantity a person takes in. This is the case with beer belly. It doesn’t really prove that beer belly is caused by beer consumption. Beer belly is actually a result of over-eating without exercise. If a person’s eats too much and he lacks muscle toning, he is the more likely person to experience and suffer beer belly, than those who eat a balanced meal and who regularly exercise. People may assume that because of beer consumption, a person gets beer belly. No. Although it is believed to be true, it’s not. Beer belly and beer consumption are not directly correlated. It doesn’t mean that beer consumption will not cause any harm. It will, but in a different context and sense. Beer drinking is fine, it’s the over consumption of beer or alcoholism, plus improper food intake, that destroy and distort the normal functioning of one’s body. Take beer belly for example, as mentioned, it is not the beer’s fault, but the person who does not properly monitor or who takes for granted his health.

There may be strong evidences that show how beer or alcohol consumption can lead to sicknesses and other health problems. However, beer per se, is not really the problem. It has its medical advantages as well. It’s the person responsibility to take care of his health by controlling what he does to his body or what he takes in to his body. Overdoing, overeating, overdrinking, and overworking are the key partners that crumble the body or the person’s health.

A persons body is not against beer drinking because it has some medical purposes. The body welcomes the flow of this liquid inside its system — it doesnt cause anything harmful. Only the persons control and taking charge over his food, drinks, activities, etc., will determine if the body is an easy target of the disease.


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